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Turn-Key Solutions

We can adapt any medical or dental office environment to provide outpatient surgery by offering safe and effective solutions. We will assist you with facility certification, management, quality assurance and personnel training…


Hospitals are challenged with effectively finding a match between anesthesia coverage, and covered medical hospital services. This can take time and additional resources.

Medical Offices

Office-based settings can provide their own unique set of challenges, and near the top of that list is meeting state compliance regulations.

Surgical Centers

Our dedication to safe anesthesia practices helps us meet the demands of ASCs. We focus on patient selection, safety, efficiency, and cost effective coverage.

Anesthesia office-based anesthesia (OBA) team provides surgeons, dental practices and their patients’ distinct advantages in the following areas:

Clinical Excellence – Patriot Anesthesia provides a highly qualified, compassionate anesthesia team comprised of experienced Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, and Registered Nurses to assist to recover surgical patients

Pre/Post Procedure Support – Patriot Anesthesia’s anesthesia team employs dedicated, caring nurses, schedulers and case coordinators to ensure that all details before and after the procedure are accomplished efficiently, in a way that enhances the experience for the practice and its patients.

Availability – Your clinical time is very valuable. Let Patriot Anesthesia provide the anesthesia services necessary for you to efficiently complete surgical procedures in the convenience of your own office.

How Patriot Anesthesia benefits you by having your procedure in the office?

• Complete your surgical procedures in the convenience of your own office

• Utilizing advanced, specialized sedation or anesthesia techniques patient recovery times will be reduced and more pleasant

• Less administrative hassles and wasted time than in a traditional operating room

• Cost savings for your patients and increased revenue for the office

Dedicated Staffing

Our anesthesia providers have excellent bedside manners and are well trained in outpatient settings. Our model provides an experienced, dedicated team to your facility that blends seamlessly with your existing practice to achieve maximum efficiency and patient satisfaction.

If you are planning or already performing procedures in your office, we understand the necessity to provide safe and comfortable services to your patients. We partner with you by providing dedicated anesthesia coverage with experience in office-based anesthesia. You can expect the same level of dependable coverage, professionalism and commitment that you strive to provide to your patients.

We provide services to:

• Gastroenterology

• Radiology

• Urology

• Plastic

• Reconstructive

• Podiatry

• Dental

• General Surgery


• Dermatology

• Pain Management

• Wound Car


Patriot Anesthesia believes in the in-network philosophy to lessen the patient’s financial burden and has contracts with all major insurance companies and Medicare.


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